April Floods and Stupidity

Springtime is usually the time for rains and sadly from time to time, flooding. Though we have not experienced flooding this year like years in the past I thought I would write this little blog post with some recent pics of the rains and flooding. This week our area was hit with a couple of tornados which took out over 100 houses and dropped in upwards of 6 inches of rain in some areas. Our land was already somewhat saturated so there was nowhere for the water to go but up and out. Sadly this will cause us to postpone sunset paddles for the next week or so. We will not put anyone on the river if the current is too strong. Here are some photos of the Finely River in Ozark Mo, where we do our sunset paddles.

Sadly there are some people that do not listen to warnings and decide to go on some of these rivers and creeks because of the thrill. This is fine and all but you HAVE to have the type of boat that is designed for fast and gnarly water, not a cheap ass Walmart boat. out of three that went on Bull Creek near Branson, 1 survived to tell what happened and they just pulled one body out of the water with no PFD on and they are still looking for the second body. Their chances would have been better if they would have worn a life jacket. It is pure stupidity to go on a flooded river with no life jacket.

I am mainly writing this post to let our customers and the public know that flooding, though awesome to look at and see the power of water unless you have been on flood waters you really don't have an idea of how quickly things can happen. I would only recommend trying to paddle on flood waters if you have experience in swift water, know how to roll the proper kayak, make sure you have a safety plan, a safety crew would be even better to keep an eye on you around extreme rapid sections and certainly let someone know what section of river you will be paddling. And for Pete's sake WEAR YOUR DAMN LIFE JACKET. As more flooding happens I will be posting more photos and getting more into detail about swift water. I hope everyone stays safe and SYOTR

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