Missouri and Northwest Arkansas are known throughout the world for our rivers. As locals, we sometimes never pay attention to the fact that we only float the rivers within a short driving distance. Having friends on the 11 Point River about 3 hours from Springfield it was finally time to get outside of our bubble and visit this beautiful river. With a simple Facebook Post I posted the first annual Float Trip Road Trip on the 11 Point river and within a couple of days, we had over 15 people interested in going. As the day came to head out to the river I was looking at the weather feeling pretty bummed about it because the 11 Point is spring-fed and there is nothing better than jumping into that river on a hot day. But I knew it was not going to be the case. Though it was not cold temperature-wise, with rain falling and temps in the 70's it was not the hot sunny day we wanted but we made the best of it.  By the time we got to Hufstedler's Canoe rental, there had already been a couple of groups checked in and set up at campsites. I kind of did a mental tally and we had around 20 or 22 people for the float. Not bad for an event posted a month prior with a bunch of people that had never met each other. Good attitudes and great vibes brought this group of people together to enjoy of the coolest "no Pun intended" rivers in the area.

Rains during the week aided in making the river rise and the normal crystal clear water were mucked up with shoreline runoff turning it into a river of chocolate milk. Even though it was a bummer the river is still epically beautiful and once we hit Boze Mill some of the folks new to the 11 Point got a taste of why we love this river so much.


On top of the beauty of the river is the outfitter we use, which happens to be good friends of ours. Hufstedler's Canoe Rental is a family ran outfitter on the 11 Point will primitive camping, electric hookups, and cabins. The Grounds have a full shower house and bathrooms "Ain't no hole dug in the ground here". They are clean and have hot water which is nice after a long day on the river. Mike, Wendy, Karlie and the rest of the crew run a tight shuttle service, we were actually picked up at 11am on the dot. They have a full general store with Canoes, Rafts, and Kayaks. Wendy and Karlie even decided to float with us, this is awesome because they are amazing at pointing out cool little spots on the river and giving you the full guide experience. Even the property at Hufstedler's offers something kind of scenic. There is the Original Hufstedler's family house on the property which we camped right next to. We are told it was one of the first houses that had electricity in the county and it was built in the early 1800's. To some it is a form of Rob Zombie horror movie type house, to others it is a piece of history not very many people know about unless you camp at Hufstedler's



Needless to say, good friendships were revisited, good friendships were had and made for the first annual Float Trip Road Trip - 11 Point River. We will be making this an annual event and next year we might add some entertainment or prizes or something to the trip and of course, bring more paddlers to support local outfitters and friends.

Thank You

Mike, Wendy, and Karlie Jones

All of Hufstedler's hilarious and efficient crew

Everyone that came to our float....

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Springtime is usually the time for rains and sadly from time to time, flooding. Though we have not experienced flooding this year like years in the past I thought I would write this little blog post with some recent pics of the rains and flooding. This week our area was hit with a couple of tornados which took out over 100 houses and dropped in upwards of 6 inches of rain in some areas. Our land was already somewhat saturated so there was nowhere for the water to go but up and out. Sadly this will cause us to postpone sunset paddles for the next week or so. We will not put anyone on the river if the current is too strong. Here are some photos of the Finely River in Ozark Mo, where we do our sunset paddles.

Sadly there are some people that do not listen to warnings and decide to go on some of these rivers and creeks because of the thrill. This is fine and all but you HAVE to have the type of boat that is designed for fast and gnarly water, not a cheap ass Walmart boat. out of three that went on Bull Creek near Branson, 1 survived to tell what happened and they just pulled one body out of the water with no PFD on and they are still looking for the second body. Their chances would have been better if they would have worn a life jacket. It is pure stupidity to go on a flooded river with no life jacket.

I am mainly writing this post to let our customers and the public know that flooding, though awesome to look at and see the power of water unless you have been on flood waters you really don't have an idea of how quickly things can happen. I would only recommend trying to paddle on flood waters if you have experience in swift water, know how to roll the proper kayak, make sure you have a safety plan, a safety crew would be even better to keep an eye on you around extreme rapid sections and certainly let someone know what section of river you will be paddling. And for Pete's sake WEAR YOUR DAMN LIFE JACKET. As more flooding happens I will be posting more photos and getting more into detail about swift water. I hope everyone stays safe and SYOTR

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Like tacos and margaritas or burgers and fries, coffee and paddling seem to go hand in hand. There just seems to be nothing like waking up to a haze covered river or lake, a campfire going and a chill in the air and...... an amazing cup of Joe. Show Me SUP started to sell paddleboard in 2019 and we didn't just want to be another online store that sells page after page of the same thing. We wanted to stand out from the flotilla and offer other products the pair nicely with SUP like wine would with cheese. Paddlers are a kind, water-loving and slightly odd group of people, so why not have a store that offers a variety of products that go perfect with each other.



Show Me SUP is very lucky to have partnered with Ozark Mountain Coffee to offer our customers 4 hand-picked blends and flavors of wonderful morning nectar. Larry " The Owner" travels the world and searches for the best beans he can find to offer wonderful roasts for any type of coffee drinker. From sweetly flavored blends to high caffeine blondes and even a full bar of liqueur flavors, Ozark Mountain Coffee offers many choices. It was insanely hard to choose 4 flavors and blends when there is so many available. We wanted to start with what we think will be popular and pleasing to our customers. Larry treats his coffee's like a fine wine, with love and a lot of smiling. We are excited to bring you our handpicked line of coffees. We will be releasing a new flavor monthly to keep things exciting. We are also going to start a monthly subscription for you never run out of your favorite brew.

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We Sell Boards

Show Me SUP is proud to announce that we are a POP Paddleboard Dealer. We went through 4 manufacturers before we landed on POP Paddleboards. We brought two board on towards the end of the 2018 season, one inflatable and one thermoform hard board. We chose these boards because of the type of rivers and lakes we have here in the Ozarks. We compared them to our other similar boards and there was no comparison. We decided to bring on as many POP Paddleboards as we can for 2019. We are also offering our clients the ability to purchased their own board and do it easily. We will be set up to take payments so you don’t have to save up to own your own piece of SUP Love. We will make it easy on you with drop shipping, delivery and more. Our new store through showmesup.com is up and running and we will be able to take payments by mid-Feb.

Yoga Yoga Yoga

We are proud to announce that we are bringing you some of the best yoga instructors in the area including the return of Lacey Jasper for our Rock Lane Resort SUP Yoga. We are also talking to two other amazing yoga instructors to offer SUP Yoga in Springfield and Ozark areas as well as more Table Rock Lake area. We will post a full schedule and booking buttons soon….

River Tours

Show Me SUP will be providing our clients with personal guided river tours. On top of our monthly float trips we plan we will also provide you and your small group with a wonder 7 mile float on the James River. We will be able to take 6 people on a afternoon tour. We will be working on booking buttons for your customer tour in the coming weeks.

Sunset Tours are back ! ! !

One of the most popular services Show Me SUP provided was our Tuesday and Thursday Sunset Tours. On Tuesdays we will be back at Finley River at 6:30pm and James River on Thursdays at 6:30pm. We meet up and shove off and paddle until sunset and return to the boat ramp. This is a great way to explore the beauty of these two rivers right in your back yard. Plus, it’s a great way to get rid of those mid-week blues. You are allowed to bring a beverage of your choice. One of the most popular things we noticed was couples, they would bring a light dinner and paddle off on there own and have a relaxing little evening with each other.

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Hermann Mo,

As an Iowa boy, born and raised on the Mississippi River it is only fitting that after 4 years of being around or on the Missouri River that I can call it my second river home. Working in the paddling industry I talk to many people every week about area rivers and what rivers folks like to paddle and they ask me my favorite rivers to paddle. Working in a Kayak shop in Southern Missouri everyone would think I would pick a favorite river down here. I do believe that Missouri and Arkansas have some of the most beautiful rivers on earth, we are very lucky to have these rivers all around us. But, when I tell folks that I paddle the Missouri River and Mississippi river some people say “Eww” or “hope you got your tetnis shot”. They look at the Missouri river as some brown, nasty dirty ugly river that barges use to haul shit. It’s true that it is brown, and by dirt yes, it is dirty, as in sand and mud. It is not the Buffalo or 11 Point where crystal clear cool water runs over a rainbow of river gravel. The Missouri is a different beauty.

12 Man SUP

For people that have never actually paddled the Missouri river have probably only ever gone over a bridge on the Missouri. Though some bridges that cross the Missouri offer amazing views, most are through industrial towns or more populated areas. What people don’t see it the beauty between the bridges. The Missouri offers up huge cliffs and sprawling fields, super awesome sandbars and to me, super fun mud to play in. The Missouri River is a major industrial river with barges and sand dredges, grain elevators and barges docks. But, its almost part of the beauty of the river if you look at right. Looking at western bends of the Missouri as a barges blocks part of the sunsets actually paints a beautiful picture of our heartland. Even some of the driftwood along the shore can be artistic. With the power of the river, it erodes and bends and twists tree branches and almost seems to even sand the driftwood down, giving some wood a blue or greyish whitewash.

Mo Sunset

The other beauty that the Missouri River offers that most people don’t get a chance to see or experience is the POWER. After the Oahe Dam in South Dakota the Missouri River runs pretty uncontrolled. The sheer power that river holds is beyond breathtaking. It can be scary when your actually on the river in a Canoe, Kayak or Paddleboard. All of a sudden you are this little speck on this powerhouse of a river. But, if you open yourself up to the power of the Missouri River you will feel this amazing energy it produces.

I have paddled the Missouri River at 1,2,3,4am and under a full moon, it almost gives you chills because if you know even a small amount of the history of the river and how it and the Mississippi were the lifeblood of the midwest it makes your mind race with pure awesome. Some people have looked at me like I am some extreme tree hugging hippie but, some people can’t understand this powerful beauty until they experience it for themselves.

Finally and most importantly is, the People. I have had the honor of meeting some of the coolest paddlers from all over the Midwest on our rivers in Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas. The love they have for the rivers they enjoy make me smile. However, personally to me, The people on the Missouri River are some of the most humble and loving people. I am not talking a paddler here, a fisherman their, I am talking WHOLE TOWNS. When townspeople hear about a source to sea paddler or an event involving paddlers ie.. MR340 they come out in droves to see, help and support paddlers. For example, Chamois Missouri, a tiny river town with a huge heart. We have had two events where we have finished at the Chamois access and when we get to the park the locals come out and give you a beer, help you load your boats, give you good laughs and great stories and generally welcome you to their town they proper “River Angel” way. Another example is Coopers Landing in Columbia Missouri. A cool campground the is divided in two by the Katy Bike trail. Coopers is a campground, Thai Restaurant, general store and a little gas dock. They are also know to have some of the best cuban “Sammiches” this side of Cuba. Its a campground and art gallery full of colorful vibrant people, music and love. Event the outhouse is awesome. These are just a couple examples of the life on the Missouri River, it’s the people that give the Missouri River most of it’s beauty. Wilson’s Serenity Point in Jefferson City “State Capital” was build by one man and years of people volunteering to help him make a beautiful park on the banks of the Missouri. WSP as it’s also called is a Mecca for paddlers, paddling down the Missouri River. I person could write a series of books just on the people and towns on the Missouri River.

So when people say the Missouri is this ugly dirty river they clearly have never experienced the full power, people and beauty the river has to offer, Between the Bridges.

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