Coffee & SUP

Like tacos and margaritas or burgers and fries, coffee and paddling seem to go hand in hand. There just seems to be nothing like waking up to a haze covered river or lake, a campfire going and a chill in the air and...... an amazing cup of Joe. Show Me SUP started to sell paddleboard in 2019 and we didn't just want to be another online store that sells page after page of the same thing. We wanted to stand out from the flotilla and offer other products the pair nicely with SUP like wine would with cheese. Paddlers are a kind, water-loving and slightly odd group of people, so why not have a store that offers a variety of products that go perfect with each other.



Show Me SUP is very lucky to have partnered with Ozark Mountain Coffee to offer our customers 4 hand-picked blends and flavors of wonderful morning nectar. Larry " The Owner" travels the world and searches for the best beans he can find to offer wonderful roasts for any type of coffee drinker. From sweetly flavored blends to high caffeine blondes and even a full bar of liqueur flavors, Ozark Mountain Coffee offers many choices. It was insanely hard to choose 4 flavors and blends when there is so many available. We wanted to start with what we think will be popular and pleasing to our customers. Larry treats his coffee's like a fine wine, with love and a lot of smiling. We are excited to bring you our handpicked line of coffees. We will be releasing a new flavor monthly to keep things exciting. We are also going to start a monthly subscription for you never run out of your favorite brew.

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