The Schitty “OG” – The Very First in our Schitty Fleet. The Schitty OG looked better in Blue and with her silver dented lines and subtle dents in her hull she can tell you stories dating all the way back to 1993 when she was first used as an Outfitter boat. Her battle scars tell you that she is tried, true and tested and is now ready for a more lazy life as an easy-going lady of the river. $35.00 for 3 hours, $50.00 for 6 Hours. Book Now

Cake – Cake is the second boat we added to our fleet. Basically, when you leave us with a few cans of paint and start adding them together, by trial and error you end up with this beauty. We asked a couple friends what they would like to see in our second canoe and they said Light blue and purple. Well, we tried and now we have what looks like icing on a cake. Cake was a beat-up old “Old Town Discovery 158” Canoe we found at Beaver Creek Outfitters. We save it from going to the shredder, gave it some proper patching “The old patches were pretty bad”, gave it this beauty of a paint job and now it’s ready for 2020.

Add some more fun or time to your float with our Schitty Side Menu

  • $5.00 – 10L – 40L Dry Bag to keep your phone and belongings dry during your Schitty Paddle
  • $5.00 – 24QT Cooler to keep your beverages and lunch cold “Gitcher Own Damn Ice”
  • $3.00 – 10# Bag of Schitty Ice
  • $3.00 – Phone Dry Box
  • $10.00 – Strap in Seat Backrest “incase your back is Schitty”
  • Free – Stream Team Stash Bags “It Costs nothing to pick up some trash along the way” Don’t be Sh—y – Be – SCHITTY and do your part.
  • Free – Sass and attitude provided with all Schitty Canoe Rentals.